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Angela Mitten, is The ACT Counsellor, a counsellor and consultant, from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Angela is passionate about ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and wants to share it with the world. Angela shares how women can use the ACT skills and understandings to manage anxiety, stress, procrastination and perfectionism.

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Tuesday Jul 06, 2021

You know, one of the amazing things about being a counsellor is getting to learn about how the mind works, how to work with tricky thoughts and feelings and how to help people start living more of the life that they have dreamed of.Part of that work is about doing some pretty deep reflection on the self and for a number of years now I’ve been applying the skills and strategies that I learn through ACT in my own life.

Coming Back To Your Senses

Monday Jun 28, 2021

Monday Jun 28, 2021

Today, what I want to talk to you about is bringing yourself back to your senses. Have you ever felt like you are spinning out?Going Crazy? Maybe you’ve had times when your thoughts are racing through your head. You might have experienced what you call a panic attack, or an anxiety attack.

Sometimes Being Human Is Hard

Tuesday Jun 08, 2021

Tuesday Jun 08, 2021

Sometimes being a human is hard!!! We can be tossed around by our emotions, like a boat in a stormy sea. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy tips and strategies help us learn to ride the waves of emotion, rather than be tossed around or feel like we are drowning in them. In this episode Angela Mitten, the ACT Counsellor, shares 5 tips to begin working with your emotions rather than pushing against them.Find out more about working with Angela at

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